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We are an experienced and dynamic team of professionals who specialize in providing comprehensive accounting services for small, medium and large businesses. We can help you with bookkeeping or payroll processing. We can work externally in our system or remotely in yours. It all depends on the arrangement.

Natálie Časarová

Natálie Časarová
Head of accounting and tax
Ondřej Krátký
Statutory Auditor, Managing Director

We can take care of bookkeeping, tax records, fixed asset records or financial statements preparation. We just need to set up a documents hand-over system with you and agree how you will approve certain items.

If you do your own bookkeeping, you may need to consult someone from time to time. We offer consultations in the field of payroll, tax and control processes, we can also advise you on company establishment, mergers, demergers or the preparation of documents for audit. After all, a large part of our team is dedicated to auditing, so we know exactly what an auditor needs and appreciates.

If you need to adapt your accounting records and financial statements to international accounting standards, we can help. We manage conversions to IFRS and US GAAP.

In addition to converting Czech accounting for international purposes, we are also able to do the opposite. We can adjust accounting, primarily prepared in accordance with international accounting standards, so that it complies with Czech accounting and legislative rules.

Consolidated reporting is the process by which a parent company typically combines (consolidates) information from subsidiaries or affiliates into a single set of financial statements. We offer assistance with the entire consolidation process. We are also able to advise consolidation units (groups) that need to unify accounting policies or eliminate transactions between each other for consolidation purposes.

We can collect accounting data for you and adjust it as necessary to comply with the Accounting Act or other required financial reporting framework.